With over 120 restaurants in 17 countries, wagamama offers a new kind of dining experience: fresh Japanese-inspired food in a friendly, contemporary setting.



Although big in personality, wagamama’s global online presence lacked synergy with their retail service-space. wagamama wanted to take the vibrancy and inclusivity of the brand and create an online presence that reflected their status as an award-winning CoolBrand, whilst educating consumers about their unique offering and inspiring customers to try new dishes.


Avenue wanted to transform wagamama's online experience across all digital channels. By building on Sitecore, we would be able to leverage latest technologies in design and development, while also igniting their key digital marketing channels. Together, this would create a strategy that would position wagamama as an industry leader, bringing the brand to life online across the world.


wagamama have seen a huge increase in online awareness outside of the core brand name. Just one day after launch, rankings for localised “Japanese restaurant” terms improved by 183 percent and interactions from email marketing activity increased considerably.  The website stands out from the crowd and with reduced bounce rates and improved dwell time, it also makes sure the crowd stay fully engaged all the way through to visiting a wagamama restaurant to try the latest dishes.

The site was launched in September 2012, and early results show fantastic SEO statistics; wagamama have tracked a 66% increase in page visits, 63% increase in visit duration and an impressive drop in bounce rate and it is expected to see increases in take-out ordering, shop transactions and group bookings.

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