Vega, now part of Selex, a Finmeccanica Company, is a professional services company that delivers technology-enabled change in complex environments, often where security and resilience are key.


The challenge was to focus on enabling employees to access a suite of tools, to increase productivity and service levels. The solution Vega was looking for was an intranet, to be called InSite, that would engage its employees and become a key tool in their daily work. Ultimately, the aim was to enhance the customer’s experience by speeding up habitual tasks and cut costs incurred by avoidable time spent using a number of different solutions that had been introduced piece-meal to the organisation.


With a focus on the end-user of the intranet, employees, Avenue Digital worked with Vega to capture the business and the audience requirements before developing the intranet strategy and presenting the final recommendation. Using the existing Alterian CMS to deliver significant cost savings, Avenue Digital worked on the information architecture to ensure the user journey would be logical, catering for different content types and tools. Designed initially in-line with the Vega branding, Avenue Digital has since worked on a number of iterations of creative as the organisation has become part of the Italian-owned Finmeccanica Group. This has ensured the intranet has maintained a fresh look and feel and is always up to date, which has been cited by the client as key in ensuring intranet users have faith in the solution as the most accurate source of information, long-term.


The intranet has been key in driving operational efficiencies, enhancing communication and collaboration between colleagues and therefore reducing the cost of internal business functions. Combining engaging information, including local weather feeds, news and Dilbert cartoons, with company data means that the intranet has become the first port of call for employees every day. Digital Communications Manager at Vega commented “The main driver of intranet usage, since it was relaunched, has been the People Directory. This is what most people use to find colleagues elsewhere, by name, location, experience or expertise”.

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