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Chaucer is an independent global management consultancy.  Established in 1987, Chaucer now operates on a global scale and has completed over 3000 projects worldwide.



At the outset of this project, Chaucer put challenging KPI's in place with regards to enquiry generation via the website. We were tasked with a complete re-design and build overhaul project to showcase Chaucer's brand values and personality, and to manage a strategy around content which needed to be engaging and credible to prospects. Furthermore, there was also a requirement to implement a Content Management System for Chaucer that would both meet the objectives and be scalable for future needs.


Creatively, there was a clear set of core values to build in to the website which focused on the consultancy's USP: Chaucer are more approachable and hands on than their competitors. This was captured through the use of bespoke lifestyle photography, art directed by Avenue, of the Chaucer team to build familiarity and warmth. To re-enforce Chaucer's position as a thought leader within the consulting market, and drive repeat visits to the website, we introduced a blog feature for consultants to post opinions and whitepapers.

As part of the content strategy, we implemented tagging to ensure relevant case studies would appear on service landing pages and search functionality was enhanced across the website. The new Chaucer website was deployed on an established CMS with a comprehensive suite of modules which met the brief, and scalability and extensibility, futureproofing the solution.


The success of the website will be measured on the number of enquiries generated. Enquiries are encouraged in three ways: the proposal request form, the contact form and the career application form. Goal conversion KPI's are in place to measure these enquiry points via Google Analytics. These enquiries then write to a database, which actively contributes to Chaucer's data acquisition strategy.  SEO and PPC play a key part of the digital strategy for Chaucer to optimise the potential of the new website and these campaigns are our next focus.

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