Blesma is a national charity that directly supports all of our Servicemen and women who have lost limbs and the use of limbs, or the loss of eyesight, in the honourable service of our country.


Delivered on Umbraco, the new Blesma website benefits from an improved user experience with greater consideration given to accessibility, a full range of interactive features and a reliable and easy to use CMS.


The brief was to modernise the presentation of the charity to attract a wider audience, catering for younger veterans and supporters for the first time, without alienating older members and existing donors. Additional objectives included the integration of an easy-to-use CMS, enhanced site performance across targeted activities and improved user experiences through consideration for accessibility.


Avenue recommended the use of Umbraco, a recognised, open-source CMS solution. It enabled Blesma to use a more reliable platform, ensuring they could keep the website up-to-date more easily while offering a fuller range of functional, interactive activities including a live fundraising events map, image galleries, media centre and trustee profiles.


Following the transition over to Umbraco, there have been significant improvements across many aspects of the website. Ease of use has been significantly impacted in a positive way, both on the website interface through our design and UX capabilties, but also in terms of the CMS, with the client now able to have much more control of their website.

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