Avenue's SEO Reporting

SEO Reporting

With effective monthly SEO management in place, reporting on rankings, keywords and goals is vital in measuring an effective campaign and business improvement.

Our SEO Reporting Platform 'Fathom'

Avenue’s analysts are experts with large volumes of data and by placing significant emphasis on driving business revenues and not traditional search KPI’s, our monthly reporting provides an high level snapshot of meaning information and trends. We have developed our own .net based reporting platform called Fathom to help clients get real business intelligence in an easy to digest way.  Our reporting considers;

  • Keywords categories
  • Keyword positions
  • Trends over time
  • Month on month comparisons
  • Technical issues
  • Content issues
  • Organic
  • Direct
  • Referring Traffic
  • Device Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Geo-targeted traffic
  • Backlinks

Authority Performance

Our reporting is closely tied to your business objectives, with monthly and annual reports aligned with both your SEO-specific and company-wide goals. We believe in clear, concise reporting that allows our results to speak for themselves, while offering enough context for our clients to understand the benefits of everything we do. We constantly review and update our recommendations, staying ahead of industry standards, to ensure that our clients see real results.

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