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We are a PPC Agency that pride ourselves on focussing on the overarching strategy, keeping the end goal in mind with every improvement we make.


PPC (or Paid Search) is a marketing tool that is highly measurable, which allows customers’ ads to show on a search engine at the very moment a user is searching for a product or service. You only pay if they click your ad and visit your site.

Customers bid on keywords which enters them into an auction to win a position (Ad rank) on a search engine. Ads that are highly relevant to the search query and accurately represent the customer’s product or service are rewarded with a high quality score which reduces the cost per click.

Benefits of PPC include full control and instant results. You can invest as little or as much budget as you want, and alter this budget as quickly as you need. With conversion tracking in place, it is easy to establish which keywords are providing leads or sales for you and at what cost.

Paid search is fully measurable, meaning that you can test campaigns, analyse the results and make adjustments to it from the insights that have been discovered.

There are many PPC tactics that help reduce your cost per click, to make your campaigns as cost-efficient as possible. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Account structure
  • Keyword management
  • Bid management
  • Ad copy optimisation

PPC Management is an ongoing process which ensures that the campaigns are delivering the best value for money.  That’s where hiring us as your PPC Agency comes in.


We work with you to understand your business needs and challenges and establish what PPC can accomplish for you. Whether it is to increase visits to your site; increase lead generation; or increase your sales revenue, our team place their emphasis on the very metrics that will help you achieve your goal.

All of our campaigns are governed by their overarching strategy that has been agreed with you and we revisit this monthly to corroborate and align our efforts with your goals. Whether we assess your current activity and identify the areas where you can get more leads, or set up an account from scratch, we will run the most cost-efficient campaign possible within your budget.

 Target Audience

 In our planning meeting, we will work to understand who your target audience are so that we can target them effectively through our keyword strategy and entice them to your site through qualified ad copy.

We will establish what problem your product or service solves for the user and use the takeaways to create our messaging. Outlining their demographics, interests and locations will mean that the ads are showing at the right times in the right places to the right people.

 Keyword Research

 As with all components of our PPC campaigns, keywords are governed by the overarching strategy. With the end goal in mind, we research keywords pertaining to your product or service, and propose our initial list based on search volumes and your budget.

We pride ourselves on our granular account structure to drive targeted and qualified traffic in the most cost-efficient way. We also have our bespoke campaign naming convention that allows for scalability so that the campaigns can grow alongside their success.

We know that needs can change and our understanding of this means that we are able to adapt quickly to take advantage of any new products, opportunities or changes in budget.

 Ad Copy

Our ad copy is created from more than 8 years of continual PPC ad copy testing. We know what elements have been proven to work in the past and therefore the initial ad copy we launch with will already be strong and impactful.

Our ad copy is always relevant and concise, focussing on your USP and using a strong call-to-action to drive higher CTRs and CVRs. We also take advantage of all possible ad extensions to help improve CTR.

We then create an ad copy testing plan and revisit the ad copy on a frequent basis to continually improve the messaging to increase CTR and CVR.

Competitor Research

We establish who your competitors are in PPC and what messaging they are using.  We then endeavour to establish how to differentiate you from the competitors on the landscape and launch with initial ad copy. 

We continually keep an eye on your main competitors’ PPC activity as part of our PPC agency management process.


Our campaigns are informed by the seasonal trends of your product and service. We are always fully prepared to capture traffic when interest peaks, both in terms of ad copy preparation and budget allocation.

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