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PPC Reporting

We have our own agency reporting tool that allows us to gain deeper insight into the PPC Campaigns and enables you to see your Paid Search performance against other traffic drivers.

Campaign Performance

Avenue has built a bespoke reporting tool which gathers analytical data from various sources to accurately report on SEO and PPC monthly activity. These reports are free from ghost traffic.

Our PPC reports always refer back to the campaign goals and whether these were achieved. We report on both weekly and monthly campaign performance and relate the most important PPC Metrics so that you can keep track of campaign performance.

At the beginning of your PPC activity, you will be given access to Fathom, and each month your PPC Manager will go through your Fathom report with you, either by phone or when relevant, at a meeting.


More important than the numbers is the assessment of them. We analyse the performance of the PPC campaigns, to understand what is happening and why, and what we can do to improve the success metrics.

We draw insight from the data, and establish whether key metrics are following normal seasonality trends, or if something is underperforming then why. We point to successful ad copy tests, new keyword tests, and offline influences.


Once we have gathered our insights, with innovation at the forefront of our mind, we make recommendations to refine the campaigns, drive more cost-efficiencies and identify areas for growth. We confirm our plans going forwards so that you are always aware of, and on-board with, the direction of the PPC Strategy.


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