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PPC Activation

Using a PPC Agency means that that you can be assured that the PPC campaigns have been set up in best practice, and that keywords have been created in the best environment to achieve your goals.

Account Set Up 

Our best practice PPC account set up creates accounts that are built in the best possible structure with highly targeted keywords and ad copy to help achieve your marketing objectives.

Our Google-accredited PPC team instil best practice to each and every campaign, creating a granular, targeted account structure which drives qualified traffic to your site, in the most cost-efficient way possible. 

Our keywords are organised into separate buckets, such as Brand; Product, and Competitors; and our campaigns are match type specific, allowing tight budget control. Our ad groups contain very close-knit keywords, with ads that are highly relevant and strive to contain the keywords within the ad copy for maximum Quality Score and lead to the most relevant landing page. 

We place huge emphasis on building the negative keyword list so that when the campaigns are launched, any initial wastage through broad match is as limited as possible.

Landing Pages

Whether we work with you to improve your current landing pages or design and build our own PPC campaign pages, we verify that the landing environment is conducive to PPC leading the user straight to the conversion point.

At Avenue, we can help design and build the relevant landing pages to support the PPC campaigns or support the incumbent design and build agency with strategic recommendations.

In addition to dedicated landing pages, there can also be the opportunity to design and build complete campaign microsites to support new product launches and seasonal campaigns. Both landing pages and campaign microsites will be geared up to deliver punchy messaging, clear user journeys and enticing call to actions. 

By running campaign landing pages we have complete control of campaign success which enables us to move quickly without being restricted in house technical development projects; and to control the entire online conversion funnel so that there is no distracting content that may entice the user away from the primary objective of converting.

Conversion Tracking 

To run profitable PPC campaigns, we check that all pertinent tracking is in place before we activate your account. PPC is a continuous learning phase and even if the goal is to only drive traffic to the site we believe that if something is track-able, it should be tracked!

Having established what you want PPC to achieve for you, we verify that tracking is implemented correctly on the conversion point(s) before we activate the PPC campaigns. 

We also link your AdWords account with your Google Analytics account so that we have all the necessary data to manage the PPC campaigns to perform at their best.

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